Artist Statement

What interests me most when I photograph are unfamiliar daily rituals I observe and experience when moving through unknown territory. Trying to make sense of all I don’t understand, yet inexplicably seek. I have been noticing a different sensibility in what I see, let me call it visual silence, which is what I crave most these days, and the stillness I recall.


One of my goals is to find a visual language expressing a fascination with universal connections, or sacred encounters, that have shaped me as an artist.

I am drawn to visceral surfaces, charged layers you find in a painting but miss in the plasticity of past color prints. I wanted to create a tangible plane, velvety even, where the viewer can enter space, or attach to. The multitudes of newly developed digital fine art papers presented vast territory to explore.

My work is not about places, nor countries. I am not eager to point at differences. The impermanence of all things is on my mind, and the lightness of being in the moment.

Regula Franz
April 2007